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IMG_1549A Few Facts To You….I’m Jewel!

I am a woman with a vision to show diligence in thinking about how to help others learn their cause. What is important about a cause is that it is personal, it is dear to our heart and it tends to have a deeper meaning of why we do what we do.

I envision this journey to be personal and encouraging so that one finds this “walk” as a stepping stone for growth, but there must be balance. This radical movement toward walking, figuratively and literately for you can just change you to an even more giving and sincere person than you already are.

Through the many writings that have been published I give to you so many tools that can help you see yourself through other people’s causes, how research is out there to help others live well and to experience the faith that keeps many of us moving and living on purpose.  It’s kind of like…enhancing your territory, because you really are expanding your mindset to become a greater person.


Why did I start the blog Walking for a Cause?

The Williams's at the Walk to End Alzheimer's at the Nation's Capital

The Williams’s at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at the Nation’s Capital

The purpose of Walking for a Cause was to make others aware of Alzheimer’s and the affects the 6th leading cause of death has on families, caregivers and the medical field.   My dad has dementia (another form of this neurological condition) and my mom is his caretaker.  When dad lived with me for several months, I began to see a gradual decline of him and how this condition impacts in so many areas of one’s life.  Even he knows the difference and that is what hurts most.  As we as a family (my husband and daughter) lived together and witnessed the decline, there was a commercial that really touched me from the Alzheimer’s Association.  I realized that I could no longer just witness this, but start a movement, Walking for a Cause.  I signed up for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and began to train to walk for a three (3) miles.  Yes, a couch potato to a person who believes that we really are what we do with our bodies, this is a vessel that is to do more than be there, but to do something positive for others in the process.


What made the Cause expand?

Friends and family helped me realize that this is a challenge for many…walking. Some people can walk and some choose not to walk, because they presume they are too busy, tired or can’t locate a good location to walk. However, those are excused and there are ways that walking or some form of exercise can be done even if you sit in a chair and work your limbs one at a time.


My goal includes you?

Yep!  You’ve got it!  You see that just because I have a personal goal, I am paying it forward…You need to dig deep to find a cause to be the impetus for you to walk whether it is personal or for others too!   I want others to see the value in what they do everyday and that the road to achieving movement involves many areas in our lives. I personally call it the Fantastic Four: Food, Family, Faith and Fitness. Each work hand in hand and can do many wonderful things for your life. The challenge is not an easy one, but can be done and that’s where the blog has helped so many people make the radical movement to improve their lifestyle.


Jewel’s Biography

I am an educator with a M.Ed., and I hold a certificate in Lifestyle and Weight Management. What is so interesting is that I am not a skinny mini, but I am what you would call a person who is real and is a work in progress. What better person to learn from than one who understands the ups and downs and the challenges that we face daily. Because of who I am, I read many articles, books and continue to take courses to improve which will in turn help you as well.  Proudly, I have completed the following walks: Walk to End Alzheimer’s (3 miles), Turkey Trot (5K), Treadmill Challenge (3.5 miles/54 mins), and I am currently in training…so stay tuned!


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