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Big Speech, Big Names for a Big Cause

GeneJewelJolleyAttending events can be a very rewarding time, especially when you go for only one purpose: To Spread the Word about the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  My husband and I were recently invited to The National Christian Writers Conference with Antonio and Gwendolyn Crawford.  They had a wonderful line-up of guests, Wendy Griffith, Willie Jolley, Lane Ethridge, and Robyn Wilson Peake to provided a stream of information about why writing to reach your audience with a Christian perspective is rewarding and possible for the novice writer too.  

The main theme: Strength comes from within and that is where you begin with your writing. I believe too often we struggle to put words on paper (or typed) when we are not authentic in our message.  

After many amazing panel speakers, my husband, Eugene Williams, Jr., and I presented before the participants about publishing. It was full of joy, authenticity, and purpose. With a tall order to fill, but a pleasure and blessing, we were to give our presentation prior to Willie Jolley. (Kind of like the pre-show before the BIG act…what a blessing!)

Then, we met the owner of WPGR, Dr. Anthony Mays. He is an amazing man with a very large vision for many who enter his life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed “live” on your radio station.

GeneJewelGriffithMany thanks goes to Antonio Crawford for his zeal and vision of enhancing Christian writers and inviting us to speak before many. Additional thanks goes to those who provided support for Walking for a Cause, by donating to William’s Walkers (our team for Walk to End Alzheimer’s–

What a great event and a huge surprise to have met so many blessed people with so much to give to many!

Assignment: Go out and make a difference.  Though my husband and I spoke about publishing.  You don’t necessarily have to do the same.  My goal (intent) was to share the meaning of Walking for a Cause.  And, trust me…this was done as delicately as possible, because this is a dear cause to me.  However, when I say make a difference, I noticed that when I shared my story, there were so many other people in the room that had a story similar to what I had and why its so important to care for self early on.  Also, they had someone that they too knew who needed care as well.  Think about what you can share with others about your cause and this will be your next step to “walking” for your cause.


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Walk In A Vegan’s Shoes (NO LEATHER ALLOWED)

 What kind of shoes and clothing do you where?

VeganIt’s true that we are to be cognizant of they types of clothing that we put on during the different seasons of the year.  And, we also look for where our clothing has been made, and who has made the clothing; however, have you truly considered what  it really means to be vegan…

It’s not all about food.  It’s about the lifestyle that you live. 

I learned more about being vegan from the movie Vegucated.  So, I must correct myself. My soap, lotion, clothing, toothpaste, shoes, hair products, vitamins, and more were not solely vegan.  Thus, during the time, I ate a vegan lifestyle, I didn’t walk the vegan lifestyle like I thought.  Here are three areas to consider:

  1. Toiletries.  Understanding what some of the words on the labels is very important.  For example, many toothpastes are made with pork or animal by-products. The list of toiletries is very extensive, but you are encouraged to visit  They provided a well researched list, Pork In Soap.
  2. No Leather Allowed.  Take off your shoes, and read the label.  Do you see leather as a product used to make your shoe?  Leather is from an animal, thus, this wouldn’t be in a true vegan’s home.  However, in my research, I noticed that there is a running shoe that is on the vegan list.
  3. Fast Food.  You are out with your friends and they want to go through the drive through, what is a vegan to eat?  there are a few fast food chains that provide options.  However, it is always best to check their menu’s often though research has been done.

This goes into question, where does one shop if they are vegan?

This list is really minimal, but there are so many options available.  Look in your area for places that fit your lifestyle and convenience.

*There are no endorsements from any of the products or companies listed or used in this blog post.  This blog is strictly informational and a part of a series on Vegetarianism.  Jewel is not a vegan, but is a label reader and uses several vegan products by choice. 



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Movietime: Understanding Vegetarianism

ID-100224896I love vegetables so much that my family is always saying, “Another salad!” or they ask what is this new vegetable dish.  Usually it’s a created recipe that I wanted to try from the internet or something I’ve created.  I am not a vegetarian, but I am very selective of what meats I eat.  After really evaluating the 7 types of vegetarians, I would be called a Flexitarian/semi-vegetarian.  I could go without meat, but there are times where I would like meat.

Have you ever practiced vegan lifestyle?

Yes.  In my mid-twenties, I worked in an environment where vegetables, beans and no dairy was involved and I LOVED every moment of it.  I was my “finest” at that time, a real vegan!  There were many things about that lifestyle that I really enjoyed; however, it took a lot of discipline.  Then, I was introduced to a fast where I did it again, and it really helped me so much this is where I began to really limit my meats again!  And, this is where I am now…but, I watched this movie that really made me really think even more about my choices…VEGUCATED !

WHAT A TRAILER?  You must see the movie to get the entire meat (sorry for the pun) of the message that Marisa Miller Wolfson has provided to the public.  She really allows you to follow three New Yorkers in their journey to learn about what a vegan lifestyle is like.  What I found most powerful were the trips that she took the three individuals on and the information provided about the “making” of the meat.

Assignment:  I would like to encourage you to watch the entire movie.  There may be a community showing in your neighborhood as well; however, the movie can be found on Netflix or ordered from their website at   Once you have watched the movie, I’d love to have a chat session with you or you may reply to this posting.  Our learning about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle will continue for the next 5 days and your participate is welcomed!



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