Dear Wonderful Walker

Dear Wonderful Walker,

file0001207444674I thank you for stopping by Walking for a Cause. I have wonderful gifts for you here as well, including three ways to connect to my communication tools.

  1. Motivate Your Self Right Now– an article that will get you thinking in the right direction toward a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (below)
  2. Lifestyle Fitness– a Free ebook that is available to the readers and YOU for this blog.  When you sign up for the ebook you will also receive two other amazing bonuses
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Start your HEALTHY LIFEST”YLE journey today…

Jewel Williams


Motivate Your Self Right Now!

How do you motivate people who are in your life?  The “people” will include your family, friends, co-worker, and social networks (online and community based). This exercise will be so quick and easy, but you will need a sheet of paper.  You are probably thinking that the assignment to this article is a little early, but you really haven’t gotten started yet!

In order to do this exercise you will have to begin your week tomorrow…you will only need six days.  Review the five steps prior to beginning.

  1. Name one person that you gave a complement to this week.
  2. Name one person that you made laugh.
  3. Name one person that you sent a card to electronically or snail mail.
  4. Name one person that you called to see how they were doing.
  5. Name one person that you truly listened to their conversation and can recall the subject.

As an entrepreneur, it is important in your discussion of your product and/or service to motivate others.  However, it’s even more important that when you do this, you realize that you reach beyond self and get you out of your own comfort zone.  You want your clientele to see that you are genuine and have something that can truly be offered in your relationship with them.

The word motivate means to move, impel…it is to keep the energy flowing for empowerment.  When we motivate others we become a positive force and help others imagine positive and uplifting outcomes for themselves.

Stretching Your Mind:  Motivate yourself to do one of the five items every week.  Your goal is to move towards motivating others more and more weekly.  You can learn so much about who you are and why you were placed on this earth.  Your gift doesn’t have to be something that has to be shared only one way, but in ways that will benefit others too.

Assignment:  There are seven days in a week.  There are five areas addressed with motivating others, (1) giving a complement, (2) making someone laugh, (3) sending a card, (4) calling to say hello, (5) and listening to a conversation without giving opinions.  Write each of these down on a sheet of paper and apply it to your life within the next week.  Place a name beside each and once completed, give it a check.  By doing this you will become a better person at home, at work or in your organization.

If you like this article, there are more that you can read at Jewel Williams’ Walking for a Cause Official Site.

(c) 2011 by Jewel Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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