The Brick and Mortar of the Soul

Are you an emotional person who really takes things to heart?  Do you believe that what people say really does move you whether it be positive or negative.  What I have found is that the brick and mortar of the soul that truly identifies how you react to things because it is your foundation is your Faith and Family.  Taking the term Brick and Mortar to the level that it really is “in its simplest usage describes the physical presence of a building(s) or other structure”.

We are the physical presence of our greater being to do His work, and the cement that keeps us together is our faith and family.- Jewel Williams

Words of encouragement is what is the best way to keep your soul at ease and encourage you to do your best in anything that you want to accomplish.  This is the reason that one’s faith and family is the Brick and Mortar of the Soul.  I can hear someone now saying that they don’t get along with many of their family members.  So let’s stop the cement truck from pouring for just a moment…

So, if you were in the middle of building your home and the foreman leaves, will that stop you from getting your house built?  Will you find a way to work with the company to help you find a foreman to help you build your home?  What about the workers…they want to still have a job…right.  Well think of the one person in your family who you many not get along with they are still there, just show the love and receive the support from the others who are still there working for your interest.   Also remember there are people who do not have family, but they have friends that treat them like family and include them in their lives.  So let’s put away the excuses and continue to pour the mortar…

The Brick

The bricks are seen and they can come in different colors, sizes and shapes this is our family, and our family is what we have as one of the pieces of our foundation. No matter if the brick was created 50 years ago, builders find a way to use it again.  They know that it is solid and trust worthy.  So, I encourage you to look at the following blogs to get you on your way to serving your soul.

Respecting Decisions.  A time where a daughter has to consider the words from her mother’s advise.  It doesn’t matter the age of the daughter, but it does matter respecting those who have aged.

Walk for Others.  We walk for fun, ourselves, or for a cause.  However, there is a joy when one walks for others.  There is a since of selflessness when this is done and you can reap the rewards personally from a fitness point of view.

Birthing Thoughts.  Birthdays are a joyous occasion and can be celebrated quietly or with others.  However, understanding the meaning of one’s birthday can change as time moves on.

The Mortar

The mortar is the mix that keeps it all together.  It’s really kinda funny, because when as a child and you would work with glue you would just do anything with it.  Sometimes you would spread it across you hand watch it dry then peel it to see your imprint, or you would take items from around the house and try to glue them together.  Then, your mom would find these creations and chuckle and give a warning to not to do it again…possibly because it was some of her clothes.  Haaa Haaa!  It keeps us together it can spread and it can be easily seen.  Just like how we use our faith in our everyday lives.  The blog posts that are shared are to be catchy reads to keep your faith going in the direction of bonding, giving and celebrating your presence…your soul.

3 Questions to Understand Your Why.  It is so easy to ask others questions, but when we ask ourselves a question especially when we really need to define our purpose, we get a little defensive.  This doesn’t have to be the case.

To Inspire, To Imbue.  Inspiration is a wonderful way of living.  We inspire others to do his or her best in what they do or try to achieve. We tend to look at our mission n live with inspiration, but how is this inspiration really used.

Faithful Mondays.  Do you want to receive a message of embracing your movement toward a healthy lifestyle.  It can be done on any day of the week.  It’s about growth and wanting to aspire.  Look at Monday’s with a different lens.



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