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Dear Wonderful Walker,

You have entered the walking path…

Jewel’s newsletter.  A value paced e-newsletter with inviting material for the entrepreneur, blogger and the everyday individual who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The newsletter is ever evolving with information that you can use for growth and to get you on your way to becoming and even more knowledge and genuine person that you are.

Additionally, you will receive two bonuses…you read this correctly…three amazing items below are worth your personal investment into Walking for a Cause.  This is Jewel’s walking path toward personal and professional success for a wonderful path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Gift #1

Walking for a Cause FREE Report

Order 117678 - WALK RUN

The 5 Strategies to a Healthy Lifestyle Free Report will give you the details of what it takes to have the movement, motivation and wholeness.  Take these steps to another level and use the tools within the report to position yourself to expand your knowledge-base toward a healthy lifestyle.





DISCMP3WalkBrilliantlyThe Path to Start

Walk Brilliantly is an interactive audio for the beginner.  You will need a glass of water and a chair to participate in this audio.  You are asked to:

  1. Listen to the audio first without participating;
  2. Take notes of the suggestions given during the first or second time listening to this audio; and
  3. Participate in the audio.

This audio will get your mind thinking and your body moving.

This audio has a DISCLAIMER:  “If you are NOT to be active, then you are NOT to participate in the third activity.  There are three options given,  (1) sit and listen,  (2) stay seated in a chair and pat your thighs or (3)  get up and walk.  You must consult a physician prior to participating in this or any activity that is provided.”   

Gift #3

The Challenge

You have first received the FREE REPORT which will definitely work toward understanding your goals through 5 Strategies,and  then you receive a little workout for your MIND.  Now it is time to start your path to walking.  I encourage you to join my team via the Facebook Page, Walking for a Cause. We can encourage each other, and walk toward a healthy lifestyle.  


*The 5K Path isn’t currently available.  


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