What’s The Dish About Food

Clean dishes on wooden table on green backgroundFood is conversation within itself.  Food drives so many areas in our life that it can be rather interesting to see what we will get ourselves into first.  Considered the way entertain with food…birthday parties, weddings, funerals, baby showers, and so much more.  People use food as a reward in achieving things too!  If you make straight A’s you will go out to your favorite restaurant, Bingo games with candy just to name a few.  However, we really need to take a big step in the proper direction when we really view our foods and how we use food in our own personal lives.

I love food, but I know that when I get near a chip, I can not have one, so I try my hardest to stay clear,.  Some people feel the same about coffee, sodas ..or better yet, you can choose one that you know that is difficult to resist.  But, trying the latest fad diet, or program isn’t going to do a darn thing for you if you do not have self-control and understand the root of why you may partake in food in an unhealthy way.  So, what is a girl (guy) to do?

The Toughest Part of The Shell

Holidays are a challenge for so many people.  Beginning with Winter, you have Valentines day, Easter, Passover, Memorial Day, and there are so many more that we could add to our list and not to mention we have birthday’s anniversaries and more. I have a few articles that could help you with understanding the shell and hopefully it will get you to the real juice meat of what you need to do during the holidays.

5 Challenges You Face After the Holidays.  It doesn’t matter what holiday of the year, but it does matter how you react to the end of the holiday.  Family, friend and work gatherings be it Christmas, Passover, Memorial Day can be proved to be difficult after the holiday.  You want to eat the same way.  The challenges that you face are explained further for you to learn how to react after the bid day.

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal.  Loving a home cooked meal is one thing, but LOVING a down home cooked meal is another.  The learning how to make a change to the menu without sacrificing the taste is another.  This blog post recognizes the alternative meal in a wonderful light.

The Government Plate

The United States government created a new plate to assisted families with understanding what one’s plate should contain in a setting.  This has been done in a very colorful manner, but the difficult part is that so often choosing a variety of foods or understanding what a food’s quality can be challenging.  The following articles can lead to a better insight of what you can do with some of the choices that you make for your plate.

A Stalk Worth Chopping.  Anytime I think of vegetables the Veggie Tales song begins to play.  Vegetables are one of the most difficult foods for many people to enjoy.  However, a quite vegetable the can be used in so many ways is this blogs prized winner, celery.

How to Eat a Hard Boiled Egg.  Whether on the go, or just looking for something to eat for protein.  The egg is a winner.  Eggs can be used in so many ways, but it is the boiled egg that gains much respect, because of its beauty.  Take the opportunity to really look at the hard-boiled egg with open arms by reading this blog post.

Pomegranate.  As a child we are introduced to the apple, orange, grape, but the fruit that gives a showcase is the pomegranate.  It is the interior that gives it its unique look and the seeds that have so much punch in the vitamin world can not be skipped when making a choice for a fun, yet healthy snack.

Picking At the Seeds

When we get foods that require time to prepare such as a rutabaga, turnip, pomegranate, we have to have time to get everything that we want from it to get to the source of the food that will nourish us.  This is why even with the foods that we eat we will have to be more aware of what is in our foods and how they are prepared.  I have two articles that have really make a few of my readers go hmmmm.

Sugar, Sugar and You.  Try not eating sugar for about 21 days.  That is an experience that is worth every single minute and reading this amazing post will give you even more of a reason to cut back on eating this in your foods.  That’s right, sugar is in many of the foods that even labeled as healthy.

Foods that Trick. Trick or Treat …or should we say it is merely the treat that is the trick.  A fun poem, with a little humor is given to the post.  It really just reminds us of the power of Halloween and the way that we enjoy the event as a whole.  It’s really worth the read.

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